Top Jobs in Laguna

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Moving south is a bit scary specially if you have worked most of your life around Metro Manila. But the south part outside of Metro Manila has a lot of exciting offer for job hunters.

Laguna is a highly industrialized province in the Philippines, and it has a wide range of job opportunities across various industries. Here are some of the top jobs in Laguna:

  1. Manufacturing – Laguna is home to several industrial parks and manufacturing companies, making it a hub for job opportunities in the manufacturing sector. Some of the top manufacturing companies in Laguna include Nestle, Procter & Gamble, Coca-Cola, and Honda.
  2. Information Technology – Laguna is also home to several IT parks and BPO companies, offering job opportunities for software developers, programmers, customer service representatives, and other IT-related roles. Some of the top IT companies in Laguna include IBM, HP, and Fujitsu.
  3. Engineering – Laguna has a significant demand for engineers, particularly in the fields of civil engineering, mechanical engineering, and electrical engineering. Companies such as Bosch, Jollibee Foods Corporation, and San Miguel Corporation have engineering positions available in Laguna.
  4. Sales and Marketing – As a highly industrialized province, Laguna has a wide range of businesses that require sales and marketing professionals. Retail companies, consumer goods companies, and automotive dealerships are just a few examples of businesses that require sales and marketing professionals.
  5. Healthcare – With several hospitals and clinics in the province, Laguna has a demand for healthcare professionals such as doctors, nurses, and medical technicians.

These are just some examples of the top jobs in Laguna, but there are many other opportunities available in different fields and industries. So if you are thinking of moving south, think about Laguna and it’s wide job offers waiting for you.

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