Eco Kitchen Trends Are High On the Wish List

Kitchen materials are adapting to how homeowners want to use their space

eco kitchen with white cabinets

Smarter design is on the rise

Today, kitchens are being built to require less maintenance while prioritizing the eco kitchen. That’s why easy-to-clean flooring and sanitary countertops are in demand, according to National Kitchen & Bath Association‘s annual report.

The report draws on insight from over 700 designers, architects, contractors, and showroom managers. With the help of new materials and clever design, Sweeten highlights what’s trending to make it a reality. 

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Low-maintenance material and design

Flooring such as engineered wood and ceramic tiles are popular easy-clean options. Vinyl is a low-cost alternative. These materials are also durable. They can withstand dropped knives and the splatter of hot liquid for years. 

When it comes to low-maintenance countertops, choosing something non-porous is crucial. Quartz is in demand because it is durable and non-porous, so there’s no place for bacteria to gather. Laminate countertops are an economical option for a minimal maintenance kitchen.

Clever design that hides mess and disorganization is another way homeowners are reducing their cleaning time. A working pantry is key. Almost 70 percent of homeowners are using pantries to store and operate small appliances leaving the main kitchen mess-free and organized. 

Millennials push the eco kitchen trend

Millennial homeowners are driving trends towards the use of 100 percent LED lighting. Energy-efficient appliances are also reducing carbon footprints (and energy bills) as are low-e doors and windows, which keep internal temperatures mild.

Recycled materials like glass and plastic are finding a second life in countertops. A dedicated space in kitchen design for sorting and storing recycling further demonstrates the importance of conservation.

New homeowners are reducing their exposure to dangerous chemicals by incorporating non-toxic materials like VOC-free paint (VOCs or volatile organic compounds are chemicals found in common products). It’s good for us and the planet. 

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