Dark Kitchen Cabinets Are Traditional Yet Bold

On the moody end of the color spectrum, cabinets in dark tones prove to be versatile

dark kitchen cabinets with white countertops

White and light hues are the go-to’s when you’re looking for an airy and calm feeling for a kitchen. But going dark offers a bold look. Dark kitchen cabinets—dark browns, navy blues, dark green, or black—strike a nice balance with light tile and countertop materials.

It’s edgy and dramatic and can elicit the “wow” just as easily as a white kitchen can. Gold or brass hardware will also add some glow to a dark finish. Small space kitchens, in particular, can embrace the coziness that dark cabinets bring. Below is a gallery of Sweeten kitchens to spark ideas.

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The popularity of green cabinets grabs the spotlight

Kitchen sink with gray marble countertops

The sunny kitchen windows in Hannah and Henry’s new Tudor-style home were a feature they wanted to emphasize in their kitchen remodel. So, the couple chose a warm, saturated green for their cabinets. The lower cabinets were painted white to prevent the room from feeling closed in. And like bits of jewels, gold pulls and knobs light up against the hunter green. Their white granite countertops are a nice bright topper.

emerald green cabinets

Photo courtesy of The White Arrow

When Sweeten homeowner Jared bought his 668-square-foot duplex loft studio, he wanted it to have a boutique hotel feel. Hiring the interior design team The White Arrow would ensure that particular areas in his home would push some boundaries. The kitchen was one. “Our client took some creative leaps,” Keren recalled. The gray kitchen cabinets were repainted a vivid hunter green. “The color is a total showstopper, and we are so glad he was game!” Keren remarked. Their Sweeten contractor retiled the kitchen backsplash with marble penny tile and changed all door hardware.

A contemporary look for wood grain

dark kitchen cabinets with white countertops

Emily and Dan’s new apartment was awash in off-white and cream tones. It felt “too vanilla for us,” they said, and planned out a home renovation to bring in personality and New York cool. In the kitchen, they chose a dark, wood-tone cabinet with a heavy grain. Black hardware adds to the edge-y vibe. The glass mosaic backsplash and white countertop bring lightness to the space.

Dark kitchen cabinets are stylish in black

dark kitchen cabinets with light oak floors

Initially, Ylia and Andre were planning on white Shaker kitchen cabinets with white subway tile. During the planning process, they made a complete reversal when they realized they really preferred Scandinavian minimalism. They chose cabinets in sawn smoked oak. Its dark tone is emphasized by light wood floors sourced from Sweden.

Renovated kitchen with beige tile, black cabinets, and white marble counter

Black is a perennial neutral and in Danielle and Michelle’s kitchen remodel, black and beige tones would be timeless. It also had the simple yet edgy look they wanted.  They were thrilled to find matte black cabinets that looked expensive but were affordable. Best of all, the cabinet fronts were made from recycled wood and PET bottles. Mixing in beige floor tiles and maple shelving were the natural tones that complemented the cabinets. 

Dark kitchen cabinets classic in every way

dark kitchen cabinets and stainless steel range

In keeping with an updated traditional look for their 3,000-square-foot house, Griselle’s brown wood cabinets featured dark and light shading that allowed the wood grain to have some texture and movement. Separating the patio and kitchen, four sliding glass doors were installed during the renovation. They brought in a lot of outside light giving the cookspace some levity.

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