5 Doorless Walk-in Shower Ideas

A variation on glass showers simplifies the bathroom experience

Bathroom with glass shower door and black matte hardware

A single panel is all you need

Many enjoy the sleek lines of a shower without a tub. It’s no surprise then that homeowners are taking it up a notch and exploring doorless walk-in showers. With an open entry, benefits include greater accessibility, fewer panels and hardware, and a greater open-air look. Below are doorless walk-in shower ideas from Sweeten homeowners.

There are a few requirements to note so that a doorless shower can be functional. Typical walk-in showers are surrounded by at least one glass panel. A stationary glass panel needs to be wide enough to keep water from splashing out into the bathroom. On the other hand, it should be shallow enough for an arm to reach the shower controls to turn the water on without getting wet.

TIP: Some homeowners have installed the controls on the wall opposite the showerhead. This provides easier access to turn the shower on. 

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A frosted finish for light and privacy

doorless walk in shower with trough sink

Not all glass panels need to be clear. For example, a master bathroom in a city apartment featured a frosted divider for an effusive light effect. The Sweeten homeowners preferred the softened natural light streaming in. In addition, doorless walk-in bathroom ideas work well in small spaces. For example, without a door, a large trough sink for two doesn’t feel like a squeeze.

A bath does double duty

wet room with doorless walk in shower

Far from the busy city, a weekend home in Amagansett reveals a serene wet room-style space and a forest view. The homeowners’ Sweeten contractor installed a slim glass panel to keep the water in. A second panel divided the sinks from the tub leaving the doorless center as an entryway. At the same time, waterproof tadelakt plaster walls and teakwood planking keep the bathing area water-friendly.

Doorless walk in shower ideas with patterns

bathroom with herringbone shower tile

Sweeten homeowners, Cory and Andrew, made bold design choices in their small bathroom in Los Angeles. First, layers of linear lines played out on walls and floors. Then, the pre-fabricated glass panel was designed with a series of rectangles. Partially frosted glass diffused the natural light and provided some privacy. Finally, a pop of Cory’s favorite color, Yves Klein blue, peeks through the panel. 

A sleek shower in a townhouse

doorless walk in shower with double vanity sinks

A spacious master bathroom was newly-created in a Brooklyn brownstone. Bellamy and Zak designed a streamlined walk-in shower. A wide single glass panel displays a simple white subway-tiled backdrop from floor to ceiling. The couple’s favorite splurge was adding heated flooring. 

Doorless walk in shower ideas in black and white

Bathroom with large beige hexagonal tile and wallpaper with female forms

Sweeten homeowners Michelle and Danielle aimed for a modern twist in black-and-white for the main bathroom. With a tub in a second bathroom upstairs, this small room would feature a black-framed walk-in glass shower. As a result, the transparency enlarges the space which is playful with whimsical wallpaper. 

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