Remodelista Reconnaissance: A Deconstructed DIY Mirror in a Tokyo Bath

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Spotted in Considered Minimalism: Fog Linen Founder Yumiko Sekine at Home in Tokyo: proof that the mirror above the washroom sink needn’t be fussy.

Here’s a glimpse—and how to recreate the easy ad-hoc setup at home.

The Sighting

yumiko sekine fog linen bathroom mirror 39

Above: Yumiko Sekine, founder of Fog Linen, lives in a house in Tokyo she designed with her partner, architect Wataru Ohashi. In one of the baths: a simple unframed mirror is hung with—surprisingly—a skirt hanger. Photograph by Masao Nishikawa from Considered Minimalism: Fog Linen Founder Yumiko Sekine at Home in Tokyo.

The Source

skirt hanger in silver from mawa hangers 40

Above: A pack of two Pant/Skirt Hangers in Silver is $9.95 from German hanger specialists Mawa Hangers. The company cares inordinately about what makes a great hanger: “These strong clips are easier to operate and have 30 percent more holding power than regular clips, with five-coil torsion springs and nonslip coating,” according to Mawa’s site. “Our clamps have been described as tenacious because they never let any clothing slip….This clip hanger can hold up to 8 pounds.” It’s ideal for holding clothing, or perhaps a mirror.
blodlonn mirrors from ikea 41

Above: Ikea’s Blodlönn Mirrors would be a good option; each measures 12 by 12 inches, and a pack of four is $12.99.

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