Three Good-Looking Countertop Appliances from Hay

two cooking pots on kitchen island

Danish design co. Hay has a knack for making everyday essentials that are both exuberantly colorful and precisely designed. When they partnered with the MoMA Design Store a few years back to bring a pop-up kitchen shop to New York City, we sat up (and stopped by; see: Hay Kitchen Market: Artful Essentials from a Copenhagen Design Duo), admiring practical marbled enamelware, juice jugs, even attractive dish sponges. More recently we’ve been noting their expanding line of kitchenware designed by UK designer George Sowden—in particular, appliances worth keeping out on the countertop. Here are a few we like.

hay sowden toaster 29 Above: The Sowden Toaster debuted in 2020 and “combines intuitive controls and playful forms,” according to Hay. In addition to bold colorways and a sleek exterior, the toaster includes an easy-clean slide-out crumb tray in the bottom as well as a solution to our kitchen pet peeve: cord clips that hide away excess electrical cord. It’s currently on sale; $80.75 from Hay.
hay sowden toaster 30 Above: The toaster in a sunny palette. The flat top doubles as a warming area: “Rest your toast, croissant, or baguette on top to warm it.”
hay sowden toaster and kettle 31 Above: The toaster (and the Sowden Kettle) in more minimalist white.
hay sowden juicer 32 Above: We also like the looks of the electric Sowden Juicer, which disassembles for easy cleaning. It’s also on sale: $106.25 from Hay. Our only gripe: Both the juicer and the toaster include plastic parts in addition to durable, less environmentally harmful stainless steel.
hay sowden coffee pot from connox 33 Above: The Sowden Coffee Pot is made from stainless steel with a porcelain exterior; according to Hay, it “infuses coffee through a reusable, micro-thin stainless steel filter that enhances the flavor, keeps grounds out of the water, and eliminates the need for paper filters.” It’s currently $80.75 from Hay, or $71.42 for the small yellow version and $88.23 for the large mint version (shown) from Connox.
hay sowden tins 34 Above: Bonus? The color-blocked Hay Sowden Tins in powder-coated tinplate, good for storing dry goods. They’re currently $32.30 for a set of four from Hay.

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