10 Easy Pieces: Briki Coffee Pots

Traditional high-strength Greek coffee is made with finely ground beans brewed in a briki pot. The briki is a small, typically copper pot designed to produce a coffee where foam forms at the top and the grounds settle at the bottom of the cup. The same style is widely used across Turkey, Armenia, and Cyprus and is also known as a cezve pot. Here is a selection of our favorite briki pots to awaken your inner tasseographer (coffee-grounds fortune teller).

coffee culture greek and arabic coffee pot briki 20
Above: The Coffee Culture Greek and Arabic Briki is made of sturdy enamel and available in blue or red; $28.95 at Grecian Purveyor.
crystalia usa classics turkish coffee pot 21
Above: The Crystalia USA Classics Turkish Coffee Pot is made of heat-resistant borosilicate glass; $35.94 at Wayfair.
turkish copper coffee pot handcrafted silver 22
Above: The Turkish Copper Coffee Pot in handcrafted silver is €29.90 for the three-cup size at Stamboul Bazaar.
enamel milk pot airforce 23
Above: The Enamel Milk Pot Airforce is made in Austria by Reiss. It’s designed for warming milk but can be used for Greek or Turkish coffee as well; £30 at Labour & Wait.
cuisinox stainless steel turkish cezve coffee pot 24
Above: The Cuisinox Stainless Steel Turkish Cezve Coffee Pot is $20.12 on Amazon.
east fork copper briki coffee pot 25
Above: A traditional style, the Copper Briki Coffee Pot is made of hammered copper with a brass handle; $16 at East Fork.
angoily turkish coffee pot 26
Above: The Angoily Turkish Coffee Pot is made of heat-resistant glass; $19.39 at Amazon.
hakan coffee pot 27
Above: The Hakan Coffee Pot is made of ceramic with a long handle traditional to the Turkish or Arabic coffee pot style; $44 at Tea + Linen.
kofitee turkish coffee pot chrome 28
Above: The Kofitee Turkish Coffee Pot in Chrome is $15.99 on Amazon.
imeea turkish coffee pot 29
Above: The IMEEA Turkish Coffee Pot doubles as a simple butter warmer pot; $22.99 on Amazon.

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